VEDA M Ltd .

We are a  production and sale  of Tungsten Carbide  active tools and  instrumentation Tools for the Metal Packaging Industry lug Twist off caps аnd  EASY OPEN  metal containers


Tools production for metal packaging closure

∙             Production and  Services:


Cutting- and forming tools for the food, beverage, paint, chemicals and aerosol metal packaging industry. EASY OPEN

∙             production of tools and spare parts; production of spare parts for press. machines;

∙             production of spare parts for food industry; and Twist off lug caps. RTB / RTO / DTB / RSB/MTO/MTB/DWB/FAS/FSB

∙             production of press tools and instrumentation for press machines.  First press  and second  press operation.

∙             forming dies tungsten Carbide.

∙             Carbide Punch

∙             Carbide matrix

∙             Carbide Rolls

∙             Carbide Forming

∙             All forming  Active components.


Engineering Services:

Regrinding service instrumentation  for carbide tools for metal packaging  EASY OPEN

Your carbide  tools and dies are refurbished within the original tolerance.

∙             fine polishing and grinding carbide

∙             engineering services;

∙             development of technologies and selection of  tungsren Carbide materials and raw materials Tungsten Carbide needed for producing press machines  used for different purposes.

Our strength is in the engineering services and maintenance of spare  all Carbide parts  for machines  all operations .


Support as for its own equipment and machines as equipment and machines of our buyers.

Equipment maintenance for metal packaging production


Tools projection and production, equipment and accessories for metal packaging.


Services for metal packaging buyers

For all questions about  Carbide parts  for press machines and  EASY OPEN

Repair and modernization of production lines of press machines.

The company offers consulting and technical assistance with solving problems in the production of Twist off caps and EASY OPEN

Technical support to the buyers of metal packaging (tools and equipment adjustments, introduction new metal packaging shapes,


When you have questions about one of our products or services, do not hesitate to contact us. We can do any Carbide Tools  on your drawings !!!


The company offers consulting and technical assistance with solving problems in the production of Twist off caps  and EASY OPEN


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